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L´Herboretum - Domaine de Voisins
Route de Huisseau,
F- 45130 Saint-Ay
Phone : 02 38 88 99 05     06 98 19 45 45
Email : contact@herboretum.org
Website: http://www.herboretum.org

A privileged place
The Herboretum is organised around the banks of the river Mauves, a river coming out of Beauce and flowing into the Loire erected on the site of a cistercian abbey. The Herboretum is located in the heart of the Val de Loire, ranked by UNESCO World’s Heritage, and in the Center Region, which is rich in agricultural and floral traditions, medicinal plants, horticulture and arboriculture.

A place to discover by the number 5
The number 5 which results of the ‘5 fingers’ of the Cinquefoil is the ‘code’ of The Herboretum. This number will allow you to discover the magic of the place, reveal its riches, unveil the secrets of Nature and tell you ‘once upon 5 times, there is biodiversity... ‘
This story, the visitor will live it by the solicitation of his 5 senses, while strolling over the domain through its 5 ecologic gardens, its 5 thematic gardens, its 5 faunistic observatories and by following the 5 harmonic alleys and crossing the 5 lyrical bridges to assist to a great opera of biodiversity.

The 5 Thematic Gardens
The thematic gardens are gardens to display the plants used by Man. These ‘resource plants’ illustrate the goods supplied by biodiversity. Each garden is organised according to 5 squares or 5 spaces:
>> The Garden of the Symphony
>> The Flavours Garden
>> The Garden of Temptations
>> The Regeneration Garden
>> The Fragrances Garden

Opening hours :
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Public Open Days see: http://www.herboretum.org/gb/agenda-herboretum.php

Admission price :
5€ for adults; 2.5€ for children and seniors



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