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Csaba Gall
Vararilor 13,
RO- 535500 Gheorgheni
Phone : +40 75 340 5645     +40 72 091 5389
Email : office@hipparion.ro
Website: http://www.hipparion.ro

Welcome to Hipparion riding centre!
The Hipparion equestrian centre was established in 1995 with the aim to enable all people who love nature and horses to learn about the wonderful world of Transylvania: about the hidden secrets in the shadows of the mountains, about its culture, natural beauties and lifestyle of the common people and to reach places where people can enter only on horseback or on foot. Our horses are our own breeding, szekler horses, which are from the beginning trained to enable our guests to feel safe on their back independently from the guest riding skill. During the years we specialized mainly in riding tours. These became more and more colourful and diversified to fulfil the demand of our returning guests as well, but we kept the harmony among human kind, horse and nature.

Our horses are own bred szekler horses and lipica half breed. At foal age they already learn how to proceed securely on broken, slippery and rocky land since they already take part on the tours with their mother following the stud. The stud is held on the snowy pasture, so their nervous system is stabile, they are calm and they are glad to fulfil their daily tasks. We teach our horses at 4-5 years old and mostly all of them can be used under saddle or as pack-horse and as coach horses. Their withers is between 1,40 m and 1,70 m, so all weight group can find their adequate tour companion. Our saddles are English type tour saddles and modified army saddles. In addition we have our own designed front and rear pack-belts’ saddlebags. The saddlebags and the belonging baskets and bags were modified according to our experiments to enable the pack-horses to follow the team even in gallop.

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : 2 rooms with bunk beds, traveling Biwak



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