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very rare Polish Whitebacked cattle (Białogrzbietka)
Majatek Rutka - Agriturismo
Majątek Rutka / Zbigniew Kołodziej
ul. Wesoła 42,
PL- 21-013 Puchaczów
Phone : 0048-81 75 75 775     0048-602 555 316
Email :

"Majatek Rutka" in a unique Puchaczowie agriturismo, where you can see many interesting species of animals. Polish geese, sheep, cows, horses and exotic ostriches are a great attraction not only for children. Many of them are rare, traditional Polish breeds:
- Polish Konik (Equii silvestris, Konik forest) is a native breed of horse originating directly from the wild tarpans. Currently living in a semi-feral state in various National Parks.
- the Whitebacked cattle (białogrzbietka) is one of four Polish breeds of genetic resources conservation program. Currently held is about 300 cows in Poland through the work of the Department of Animal Breeding and Cattle Genetic Resources at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin.
- the Wrzosówka sheep is the oldest native breed of sheep in Poland. Today its population has increased by the embrace of genetic resources conservation program by the Institute of Animal Production in Cracow.
- the nearly extinct Bilgoraj goose derived from the primitive geese from north-eastern Poland. It is characterized by good muscling and fatness at a small high quality feathers.

Opening hours :
The farm invites organized groups, as well as individual tourists.

Offer :
Rooms are available for banquet for 150 people and less for 30 people for receptions.

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : The property has 20 beds. Ranch house has 5 rooms, 4 beds, each room has a bathroom



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