Kasteelpark van Gaasbeek , B 1750 Gaasbeek (Lennik) ( last change : 25.02.2012 00:57:05 )

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Kasteelpark van Gaasbeek
Luc Deboeck
Kasteelstraat 40,
B- 1750 Gaasbeek (Lennik)
Phone : +32 (0)2 454 86 33    
Email : kasteelvangaasbeek@vlaanderen.be

The Museum Garden houses a treasure trove of information on: production methods, old cultivation techniques, special vegetables, leif diamond production, etc. It is these aspects that ensure that this garden into foreign countries is known for its thoroughness and knowledge which it operates.

The garden consists of six major blocks:
- An ornamental garden with orangery. Laid out in an "Italian" atmosphere, matching the style of the restoration in the nineteenth century the castle underwent.
- A vegetable garden, divided into four squares, with an edge a greenhouse, cold boxes and beds for flowers and herbs. In the middle a cloister with low strain. Every year there is a "theme vegetable" than those planted specifically in the spotlight is put such as tomatoes, pumpkins, peas smell, etc.
- Gardens for berries and nuts, with a cross-shaped corridor full of foliage and flowers diamond leif. There is also space provided for a collection of hydrangeas.
- An orchard with plums on a regional collection. Against all walls leif diamond grows in different varieties and espaliered forms.
- An orchard with authentic fruit storage and mushroom farm.
- A low stem orchard pruning and cultivation methods from the 50´s´ till now.

Opening hours :
Access to the garden is only as part of guided tours for groups.
From May to October; Closed on Mondays
- From Tuesday to Friday: 10 am and 13.30 pm
- Weekend: 14 h and 16 h

Admission price :
Guided tours of the gardens are free
The normal entrance to Castle fort is 5.00 or 7.00 € (during exhibition hours).
More detailed information on the website www.kasteelvangaasbeek.be

Dimension : 2.5 ha


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