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Kadzidlowo Animal Park
Dr. Andrzej Krzywinski
PL- 12-220 Ruciane Nida
Phone : +48 (0)87 425 73 65     +48 (0)606 51 77 50
Email : park@kadzidlowo.pl
Website: http://www.kadzidlowo.pl

Kadzidłowo Wild Animal Park is located within the Piska. The aim is to enable the Park to know first of all native species. The Park is located in forest meadows and allows existence of animals in conditions close to natural habitat. Most of the animals are friendly, it´s possible to access certain species in their extensive paddocks and even feeding, stroking and admiring them close. Due to the vastness of the land and its nature, visit the Park takes place only with guides who speak of individual animals, their biology, habits and the need for protection. This is particularly true of rare endangered species, such as lynx, wolf, owl, black grouse, capercaillie, hazel grouse. A great success is their multiplication in the Park, which proves the right conditions for their maintenance.

The park is carriing out work on the conservation and reintroduce species which are endangered or threatened, as Kuraki and lynx. Patron of the park is well known naturalist and patriot Benedict Dybowski, who exiled to Siberia contributed to understanding the nature of this part of the world. Therefore, in Kadzidłowo there is also a group of animals of Siberia and Far East.

Opening hours :
daily from 09:30 Uhr till sunset
The guided visit takes some 1,5 hours

Admission price :
Adults: 18 Zloti
Children (3-16): 9 Zloti

Restaurant, Description :
The "guest house to the dog" (Oberża pod psem) is adjacent to the park entrance (www.oberzapodpsem.com).

Infrastructure :

Dimension : 40 ha



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