Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia
, GR 570 01 Thermi Thessaloniki
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Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia
office address: PO Box 60 125,
GR- 570 01 Thermi Thessaloniki
Phone : +30-2310 471613    
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Kroussia is s small mountain chain and its higher top is 1200 m high Mavrovouni which begins vertically from Kerkini (Belles) mountain and in its southwest side it separates the large valley of Serres from the fields of Kilkis. It is a natural boarder between the two Prefectures (Prefecture of Serres and Kilkis). On this mountain chain people can visit Gallikos river springs. These are mountains of great contradictions with gorges and streams, rich beech and oak tree forests, coniferous trees and diverse fauna, pathways and welcoming guest houses.

In the Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia you can see indigenous plants of the Balkans which blossom all year long. From the end of winter more and more flowers blossom, with the result everything to bloom in spring. Discover each flower species by taking different pathways and see the rocky gardens, gardens of silver color, pharmaceutical and aromatic gardens, waterfalls, small lakes, streams, valleys and forests. The Botanic Garden occupies an area of 30 ha and covers the length of a hill ridge It is located in Central Macedonia, Greece, near the village of Pontokerasia, about 70 km north of the city of Thessaloniki. It is situated on the southern foothills of the Kroussia mountains, 14 kilometres from Lake Kerkini.

A selection of traditional and old Greek fruit tree cultivars was planted in the far corner of the building site, in accordance with the Greek tradition to concentrate ‘useful plants’ around their houses and in their gardens. Aromatic and pharmaceutical plants are given much prominence, given that Greece is one of the centres of diversity of the Labiatae family, members of which grow in the garden on a steep slope that provides the best conditions (a sunny, dry, stony environment) for oregano, sage and mint.

Dimension : 34 ha


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