Panos Manikis´ Natural Farm , GR 58200 Klisochori, Edessa ( last change : 16.05.2012 23:42:21 )

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Panos Manikis´ Natural Farm
Panagiotis Manikis
2nd Km of the Road Edessa-Aridea,
GR- 58200 Klisochori, Edessa
Phone : +30-23810-27312 (7-9 pm.)    
Email :

The farm has been operational for the last 18 years or so, and is about 30,000 square meters - it contains more than 120 different types of trees, fruit trees and more than 100 different types of plants on the ground - it is operated on the principles of natural farming. The end result is that soil fertility increases year by year, and disease free trees, fruits and vegetables are produced. The operational costs are reduced since there is no plowing, fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

The farm works after the method of "natural farming". Natural farming does not use fertilizers, the soil is not tilled, pesticides, weed removal, and chemical weed killers are not used. The founder of natural farming farmer, philosopher, and former plant pathologist, Masanobu Fukuoka, has also called this farming method, "do nothing farming".



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