Ieron Kathisma Metamorfoseos tou Sotiros , GR 24100 Kalamata (corresp: PO Box 113) ( last change : 16.07.2012 10:59:03 )

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Ieron Kathisma Metamorfoseos tou Sotiros
Pater Nektarios
village Ano Doloi West Mani,
GR- 24100 Kalamata (corresp: PO Box 113)
Phone : +30-27210-5 83 79     +30-697-215 45 65
Email :

A small Greek Christian Orthodox Monastery based in the village of Ano Doloi in western Mani, about 15km southeast of Kalamata on the highland of Messinia, acts as an ark of Equus Cabalus Skyriano (Skyriano Small Horse) and as a true botanic garden for endemic plants, tribe and kinds in danger of extinction. Nektarios, Alexios and Silouanos, three monks headed and inspired by Father Gabriel are all allied, over and above their spiritual task, to save, grow and multiply animals and plants in order to present the beneficial results to relevant institutions (hippo therapy) and to farmers interested to biological local varieties. Father Gabriel and his monastic community are highly educated in the areas of Medicine, History of Arts, Byzantine Architecture, Archaeology and Theology. They aim to combine the holy knowledge with the every day practice for the sensitization of the human kind and the economy of nature.

"The ecological problem is very important, equal to the role of the Christian Orthodox Church. We strongly believe the human being that does not respect the environment does not respect its Creator. It is our duty too to heal the scourge and serve the environment» is Father’s Gabriel recent statement. Cherry Trees of Mountain Taygetos, Pear Trees of Messini, Garlic of Mani, 90 varieties of Greek Olive Trees and tenths of other endemic kinds are grown parallel with the protection of Skyriano Small Horse and of Donkey of Mani (grey donkey with brown cross on its back). Today in the Monastery, the family of Skyriano Small Horse has four members, one male and three females and the family of Donkey of Mani includes one couple and two ponies that have been already given to different farms.

The monastery and its abbot, Father Gabriel was honored for the commitment as Greek Ark in 2011 with the honorable Oikopolis price (Ecocity Award) and the ark was blessed by Archbishop Jerome.

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