Komov Dvor , RU 188695 Vsevolozhsk district, Leningrad region ( last change : 31.07.2012 18:04:43 )

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left: Pavlovskaja hen; above: Vyacheslav Komov with Tula fighting goose
Komov Dvor
Vyacheslav Komov
village Vaskelovo (near St.Petersburg),
RU- 188695 Vsevolozhsk district, Leningrad region
Phone : +79-8-921-365-41-96     +79 213 654 196
Email : komoff@inbox.ru
Website: http://www.komovdvor.spb.ru

The Komoff courtyard (Komov Dvor) is situated some 60 km North of St. Petersburg in the village Vaskelovo. The farm is home to a variety of different livestock breeds that are bred by Vyacheslav Komov all purebred. A main focus of Vyacheslav Komov is dog and poultry breeds. He has managed to take several, nearly extinct breeds of traditional russian chickens and geese back into the breed. Beside this valuable old-russian cultural heritage he is engaged in many more (see the Komov Dvor website).



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