BioGarden Csikcsobotfalva (BioKert Egyesület) , RO 530204 Cioboteni Jud. Harghita ( last change : 25.04.2019 12:16:51 )

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Some of the very rare Sura de Stepa cattle
BioGarden Csikcsobotfalva (BioKert Egyesület)
Eszter and Attila Dobos
Str. Agyagfalva nr. 21,
RO- 530204 Cioboteni Jud. Harghita
Phone : +40 740 91 83 84    
Email :

Near Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszereda), Harghita, in the village Cioboteni (Csikcsobotfalva) a newly created organic teaching garden is located in a small village of traditional mud-built wooden houses. There are three families together to operate agriculture with traditional and regionally adapted plant varieties and livestock breeds. During the growing season this educational garden is managed jointly. Also, the village population is included.

Attlia Dobos is the initiator of the settlement. In addition to the operating biodynamic garden (since spring 2012) he grows traditional varieties of oats and spelled. From the region of Moldova he brought seed of corn, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. He owns large areas of land and wants to expand its range with fruit. A sunny, but not too dry hillside near the village lends itself to a collection of old fruit varieties.Also the animals of Attila Dobos are based on traditional breeds: Near the house he has chickens (including naked neck), ducks, and a traditional Hungarian breed. Its 40-strong herd of cattle comprises beside classic Fleckvieh, some Mocaniza crossings, very rare Sura de Stepa cattle (Romanian Steppe cattle), three young buffalo and a donkey.

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