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Agroktima Argithea
Achilleas Tsaprailis
GR- 43 069 Argithea, Karditsa
Phone : +30 6973 802083     +30 24450 31843
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Welcome to “Agroktima Argithea”. It is an effort started the end of 2008 with main target the production of highest possible quality of meet products. In order to achieve our target we based on:
- The nature of Argithea.
- The domestic tribes of our animals.
- The alternative way of rearing.
- But above all on our vision for a simple and real life.

Agroktima Argithea is located at the village Aetochori (Markelesi), Stefaniada’s at municipality of Argithea in Thessaly Agrafa. The settlement is lying at hillside of Siminiko or Asimi mounted of South Pindos at an altitude of 1060 m. The rich vegetation of the area consists mainly of fir trees, cedars, a great variety of oaks and many more. The wildlife of Argithea forests is quite rich as well. Wild boars, deers, wolves, bears are among the many species.

Our Concept:
The idea is quite old and was born from thoughts related to the problems that were created from the modern way of life, the unregulated evolutionand the distorted use of technology and science. Nature should be the point of reference for all living beings in order to secure the balance. Today the urban people live their lives with such tension so that finally they don’t really have any of this time. The daily stress, without any reasonable return, leaves a sense of a painful loneliness and an undefined fear for the future, which finally leads to a neutral standardization on food, clothing, relationships and at last life. Seeing all these and knowing that in order to become better we have change, we started this effort in 2008. With our guideline a direct and fertile tight with land we decided to open the nature door which has been closed for quite some time. We believe that nature and simplicity will provide the solution, as it did for million years, we became people of open horizon and invite you to become part of it.

Opening hours :
Visit on appointment only.

More Infos :
Our philosophy is based on the farm with minimal or no human intervention both in practice and feeding and the kind of lives. So we chose all our animals belong to Greek traditional breeds that are adapted to this environment. So the cows are “vrachykeratikes”, pigs are “black Greek”, the goats “Skopelou” the horses “Thessalian” and our dogs “Greek shepherd”.
Our cows belong to vrachykeratiki race. Believed to be an associate of the Illyrian vrachykeratiki tribe, which was previously dominant in the Balkans. They are small animals and the body weight of males reaches 300 kg and for females 200 kg. They grow slowly, but they are frugal, resistant, long lasting and with very high reproductive capacity. The animals of this species live in the country throughout the year, accommodation and stables used only in difficult winter weather. The color of the coat varies and may be blond, blond red, all shades of brown and gray, and there are completely black animals of this kind. Fed mainly on poor pasture vegetation in the mountainous areas of the country.
Greek Black Pig is maybe the only known Greek race. The animals are perfectly adapted to their environment, and when living freely exhibit excellent durability. The weight varies, depending on the living environment and nutrition. Adult females give birth of 7 to 9 piglets, twice a year. At the age of one year old, black pig carcase can reach up to 80 kgs. Their meat is highly nutritious and delicious, its color is reddish and without intramuscular fat.



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