Schapenheld Boerderij Dīn Ooievaarsnest, NL 5061 DH Goirle (Tilburg) ( last change : 07.05.2013 21:12:45 )

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Boerderij Dīn Ooievaarsnest
Stijn Hilgers
Goorstraat 6,
NL- 5061 DH Goirle (Tilburg)
Phone : +31 6 24626788    
Email :

For many years our herd is used for grazing in many areas. Both government agencies, conservationists and individuals make good use of the benefits by grazing animals. The herd consists of approximately 500 Kempen Heath Sheep , 20 Dutch Country Goats , 4 Heath Cows and some geese . This allows us as what each dimension grazing grounds and even the field or orchard to the individual. In Schapenheld you are on the right place for a piece of nature or custom grazing. Schapenheld also provides support services in the field of sheep care at the private home. Your (hobby) sheep and goats are in good hands in Schapenheld.

Besides grazing and nature Schapenheld offers the possibility for active and educational trips. Go to the flock and shepherd on the road and enjoy the most beautiful places in Brabant. Experience the romance of herdersvak within the hectic pace of modern infrastructure, slow life in a fast world. Animals and children is always a big party, especially when this is woolly sheep and goats friendly. Visiting Schapenheld is also a childrenīs treat of choice. Come during the Lambs Days watching the newborn lambs, perhaps you may even a lamb to feed with the bottle. You can even birthday celebration amidst the sheep. Or see how the sheep took off their jackets during the sheep shaving days with fun activities.

Opening hours :
On Request only

Offer :
Taste the flavors of the Kempen sheep:
Schapenheld has not only for biodiversity but also for maintaining authentic local produce. Good, honest products and pure flavors. Come eat at the shepherd and enjoy our atmosphere, and choose from a lunch or dinner. The local Lunch includes local products, served preferably to the shepherd in the field. Choose from the Kempen Lamb BBQ over the campfire or Kempen Lamb on the spit, you better not have it. Kempen Heath Sheep and Chaamse grouse since February 22, 2011 are officially recognized as a Slow Food regional product and included in the Ark of Taste. It contains around 1,000 authentic regional products from around the world including 16 Dutch local.

Schapenheld Shepherd Tours:
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cast aside your urban existence in favour of a much simpler lifestyle? Well, if you are not exactly ready to sell your apartment and parking space to move to the country, you can arrange a special day at Schapenheld where a real shepherd will take you out on a walk with the sheep to see what life was like many years ago. A local lunch will be packed away in a cloth which is then tied to a stick like in photos of Depression Era hobos you have probably seen in old books and magazines. You can also have a delicious, if expensive, meal of local lamb or throw a childrens party with lots of pancakes on the farm. You must reserve in advance.

More Infos :
Schapenheld local products (SlowFood):
- Kempen LambŪ
- Schapenheld packed lunch
- Schapenheld BBQ package from Kempen LambŪ
- KempenWool
- Schapenheld Sheep cheese



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