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Huerta experimental RAS
Parque de San Jerónimo s/n,
E- 41015 Sevilla
Phone : 954-406-423    
Email :

In beginning of 2010 was launched an educational and experimental garden by the Andalusian Seed Network (Red Andaluza de Semilla). This allows the network to have their own space to perform the tasks of description, multiplication, selection and culture different varieties, It allows also the implementation of
different activities into practice for education and awareness raising.

The main objectives of the experimental orchard are:
- Describe varieties of Network.
- Multiply some varieties from the seed bank of the Network.
- Educate about the ecological cultivation of different varieties and species, about selection criteria and seed extraction. Raising awareness of the importance of using and preserving local varieties of crops.
- Interact with gardeners of the leisure gardens of San Geronimo.



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