The Wild Farm (Divata Ferma) , BG 6480 Madzharovo (Gorno Pole) ( last change : 25.02.2014 09:35:58 )

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The Wild Farm (Divata Ferma)
Petya Vasilieva
3 Kapitan Petko Voivoda,
BG- 6480 Madzharovo (Gorno Pole)
Phone : + 359 886 96 35 12     + 359 884 99 01 40
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The Wild Farm – Bed & Birding partner! A heavenly piece of land in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. The wild Farm offers excellent opportunities for fun and recreation in the open nature. This is an unconventional farm where animals are breed in the wild and visitors can stay in beautiful guest house. It is situated in the village of Gorno pole, region Madzharovo in the Eastern Rhodopes, South Bulgaria. The accommodation offers four luxury guest rooms with private toilets and two rooms with a common toilet. The guests enjoy the green yard, summer shelter, traditional style dining-room, and a lovely mountain view. The village is a top location in the Eastern Rhodopes for all who appreciate farmer´s adventures like milking, horse riding, extracting honey, also nature walks, vacation rentals, and organic food. Besides the main house, there are three more guest houses in the village of Gorno pole where one can be accommodated.

A herd of over 500 cows and bulls from local indigenous breeds (the "Tandem" brand owes at least part of its fame to Nicky) - the Rhodope Short-Horned Cattle and the Bulgarian gray cattle, which are bred the whole year round out in the free, in harmony with the laws of nature. Bees (domesticated and wild), rabbits, Karakachan sheep and dogs... No hens and roosters, they cannot survive, since out there live the big hawks, as well as many other, globally endangered raptors. The small lake near the house is the hiding place of the "domestic" otter – another species of the rarest wild animals on the planet, included in the World’s Red Book of protected species. You also will find Colony of Griffons and Egyptian vultures, bird watching points, and many more.

Opening hours :
Open all year around.

More Infos :
The Eastern Rhodope Mountains are the best place in Bulgaria for watching and taking pictures of raptors. Within a distance of only 15-20 km, along the valley of Arda, you can watch two thirds of all species of birds of prey, inhabiting Europe. The region of Gorno pole offers also some of the best opportunities for bicycle trips.

Infrastructure :
  Picknick  Grillplatz       

Accomodation , Infos : The house can accommodate 15 people ( it has double and triple rooms with individual WC & bathroom)



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