Arboretum Lednice Department of Fruit Growing, CZ 691 44 Lednice na Moravě ( last change : 28.05.2014 23:16:51 )

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Arboretum Lednice
Department of Fruit Growing
Valtická 337,
CZ- 691 44 Lednice na Moravě
Phone : +420 519 367 220    
Email :

The horticulture department of the Mendel University Brno has a garden collection of about 300 varieties of Apricots and about 130 peaches from Czech republic and neighbouring countries. The department teaches fruit growing (including tropical and sub-tropical fruits), the management of nurseries and the production of new planting material (fruit trees, bushes, canes etc.). Its research interests concern long-term studies of fruit species, their varieties and their accompanying pests and diseases. The main area of research involves the resistance of Prunus species to the Plum Pox virus (Sharka) and the problem of European Stone Fruit Yellows (ESFY) phytoplasma.

The department has an impeccable record in the area of plant breeding, where it has focussed mainly on apricots (the varieties Leskora, Lejuna, Legolda, Palava, Minaret and others) and peaches, and also their root-stocks (Lesiberian and
M-LE-1). The gene bank of peach and apricot tree varieties are used for both teaching and research. Equally important is the work on introducing sub-tropical fruit varieties, such as Diospyros and Ziziphus, to the temperate climate of the Czech Republic.



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